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Creative Pickle

Creative Pickle has always been a dream burning away in the back of my mind, one of those dreams that always got pushed to the side because life got in the way!

That was until a pandemic hit the world and turned everything on its head. I’m a freelance designer and I found myself without work overnight, to be honest I enjoyed the freedom for a bit (and did the spring cleaning!) but then I found I had the time I’d always needed to start working on my illustrations. 

My original designs are personalised alphabet posters for children. I wanted to start a range that was fun, bright and engaging but also educational and I’ve begun by creating an animal alphabet collection. This includes personalised and non personalised posters, a full A-Z print and flash cards, including number and alphabet versions. 

I’m always working on new ideas and I’ve started to create bespoke posters for both children and adults, plus a range of cards for special occasions. 

Please visit me at sswcreative.co.uk/creative-pickle to take a look at my creations.